Stress Echocardiogram


Exercise stress echocardiography (ESE) is used to measure how your heart responds to stress, under medically supervised conditions. The test gives us very important information, which we perform ESE if you have suspected coronary artery disease, or if we know you have coronary artery disease but we need more information.


An echocardiogram is ultrasound of the heart. Images of the heart will be taken at rest, along with an ECG recording. Continuous ECG recordings will be made until the end of the test. You will then begin to walk on a treadmill at a speed and tilt set by the computer. It starts slowly, and throughout the test we will monitor your ECG, pulse rate and blood pressure. The treadmill will increase in speed and tilt every three minutes.

The test will finish if you reach the limit of your exercise capacity or earlier if decided by the doctor. It is important that you let the doctor know if you develop chest pain or other symptoms. As soon as exercise finishes, you will be asked to lie down on the bed as quickly as possible, and ultrasound images of your heart will be taken immediately while your heart is at peak heart rate. Further images and ECG tracings will be recorded as your heart returns to its resting state. The equipment used is the latest state-of-the-art echocardiography equipment. We are committed to performing the highest quality service possible.

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DateJanuary 9, 2014