48hr ECG (Holter) Monitoring

A Holter monitor is a way of taking an ECG continuously for 48 hours. An ECG, or electrocardiogram, is an electrical trace of your heartbeat and ­ in combination with physical examination and other tests ­ can be an extremely useful test, especially if you suffer symptoms such as palpitations, funny turns, dizziness, blackouts or fainting.

24hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Recording

Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring involves measuring blood pressure (BP) at regular intervals (usually every 20–30 minutes during the day and every 60 minutes during the night) over a 24 hour period while patients undergo normal daily activities, including sleep.

Event Monitoring

Event monitor is a small portable device. These devices record the heart’s electrical activity. These devices are not worn by the patient and allow the patient to continue their usual activities of daily living. On instruction, from our technician, a patient monitors their own heart rhythm by activating the Event monitor and recording.

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